Stay Warm!

The polar air has us finding excuses to work indoors.  Vir (top) and Galen (bottom) decided that snoozing in a warm spot until the weather changes is the best course of action!


Vir’s full name is Vir Catto, after Vir Cotto, a character in the Babylon-5 fictional universe.   His mother was a Philadelphia stray taken in by a friend. When the kittens came, we had an opening for another cat, so added Vir to the family.  His mother was a tiny thing, but due to the wonders of pre-natal nutrition, both Vir and his brother are very large cats!

Galen is named after the Greek physician and after a Technomage in the Babylon-5 universe.  He helped heal our hearts after our elder kitty, Lindsey Valen, died at 17 years old.   He was found in Bechtelsville, PA at about 4 weeks old with an upper respiratory infection and nursed back to health by the rescue society, Cat NAPS of Pottstown.  If you live in the area and are looking for a kitty companion or two, we highly recommend Cat NAPS.

Meanwhile, stay warm and be sure to snuggle with someone you love!


Processing Garlic with Friend and English Shepherd

Garlic in Southeastern Pennsylvania is traditionally planted on Columbus Day, so I needed to get my seed stock processed and ready.
It was supposed to rain today, so it seemed like a good day to work on the Place command with Luke, the English Shepherd, and spend some time with my friend Denise, who also enjoys cooking with plenty of garlic.
When we restored the barn, we made sure it had plenty of ventilation so that the garlic, which is harvested on the stalk, could “dry down” with an abundance of air flow.  Denise is cutting the stalks and roots from the bulbs; Luke is practicing his Place on the blue blanket.
We plant over a dozen varieties of garlic and are working on building up our seed stock.  Hopefully, next year, we’ll have enough both to plant and to sell!



Pepper Guards the Kitchen Garden

​Pepper, our 12 year old Border Collie and either Shiba Inu or Schipperke, (she’s from a West Virginia rescue, so we don’t know), enjoys keeping watch over the plants while we work.

Here, she is keeping an eye on the Kitchen Garden, where we care for most of our annual heirlooms.  The trap is to catch whatever varmint is eating those Joya de Oxaca tomatoes!

Let us know if the comments if you think she’s part Shiba Inu or Schipperke!





Welcome to Hill Creek Farm’s blog

I’m starting off the blog with a photo of one of my major activities (gathering hay for mulch) and my major companion, Pepper, who turned 12 this month.  Enjoy!



As of today, it’s been two years since we made settlement and moved into Hill Creek Farm.
So far, we have renovated the barn and cart shed, added an irrigation system, dug an irrigation well, cleared debris, planted asparagus, established the Kitchen Garden, given away many, many daffodil bulbs, planted bee-friendly perennial flowers and most importantly, planted garlic!
There is much left to do and I’ll be posting photos and commented here on the blog as we go.
Join us on the journey!