Joya de Oaxaca Tomato

Finally got a picture of the ‘Joya de Oaxaca’ tomato which I am growing out for a friend and Seed Savers Exchange.
The English translation of the Spanish name is ‘Oaxacan Jewel’.  This tomato is believed to be from Mexico.
According to the Web, ‘Joya de Oaxaca’ is considered a rare and uncommon variety.  The fruit is orange and red marbled (yep, got that!).  It’s a non-uniform, meaty, beefsteak-type variety, ranging from 2-5″ in diameter (I’ve got those diameters.)  Flavor is described as being rich, fruity, with a nice acidity to finish.  (Haven’t eaten one yet.)  Regular leafed plant which grows to a height of just under 5 feet (My plants are about that tall.)
Also saw that it’s considered to be deer and rabbit resistant.  Not so sure that is happening here.  While the deer aren’t nibbling it (saw some nibbles on the Pruden’s Purple and the Zhong Shu #6), it’s the favorite tomato of either a rabbit or groundhog as I’ve lost two beautiful tomatoes to a Mystery Nibbler.
If you’re interested in this tomato, we should have plenty for purchase from now until frost.  Heirloom beefsteaks are THE BEST tomatoes for sandwiches.  Enjoy!



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