Ursinus College Class of 1984 Reunion

Saturday, October 25 was Homecoming at Ursinus College.  It was also the 30th anniversary reunion for the my class, 1984.


In the back row are Steve Scoffone and Ed Stemmler.  The front row are Susan Colaiezzi Short, Carole Johnson Butler, me and Ingrid Meier.

I was a biology major/French minor at Ursinus and was the editor of the literary magazine, The Lantern, my junior and senior years.  My mother graduated from Ursinus in 1956 as a mathematics major/physics minor.  We both sang “Messiah” in the College Choir.  My mother is pictured in the photo in Bomberger Hall that shows a Messiah performance from the mid-1950s.

It was great to spend time with the people I saw.  Hopefully, I’ll see other classmates in the future.





The Weeding Team Takes The Night Off — With Hats!

Here at Hill Creek Farm, on Tuesday nights from 5:30 pm to dark, we host a potluck dinner and weeding party (this is a farm — there is always weeding to do!).

However, this Tuesday, Bethel United Methodist Church hosted its annual United Methodist Women’s Fall Banquet.  The speaker was on “Hats of the Last 100 years” and everyone was encouraged to either bring a hat that had meaning to them and/or to wear a hat.

The Tuesday Weeding Team is all about hats, so even though there is plenty to do at the farm, we kicked it all, put on our best hats and went to Bethel for the evening instead!

The 2014 Tuesday Weeding Team included Tina Abel, Denise Ferriman, Sue White and Dorene Pasekoff.  Come join us for food, weeding and conversation in the 2015 season!