Poblanos to Ancho Powder

I am not much of a hot pepper person.  Yes, the shapes and colors are lots of fun, but taste is often sacrificed for HOT!!!! which I don’t particularly enjoy.

The exception for me is when poblanos (the fresh stage of these peppers) are transformed into ancho’s (the dry state of this specific pepper), then ground into powder.  The result is smoky, sweet and just a bit hot — a complex flavoring that I enjoy adding throughout the winter to whatever I’m cooking.

The pablanos we grew this year looked like this:


Every year, I say I’m going to make chile rellenos from our poblanos, but the season gets away from me and I have yet to do so.

Every year, I do strip the plants of both red and green poblanos, put them in the dehydrator (When my supermarket dehydrator died, I saved up for an Excaliber dehydrator  [link here] and it has been worth the expense.), then whirl the dried pieces in the blender to make a course powder that I put in glass jars and use throughout the winter.

This year’s harvest is pictured here:


Many hot peppers aren’t harvested until they are at their ripe color, but poblanos are valued at both the red and green stage, so the resulting powder contains both colors.  The plants are so prolific that even when a decent number are red, even more green peppers are being produced.

If you haven’t tried fresh poblanos or dried anchos, they are both worth your time and culinary efforts.  Contact me if you’d like to try some from Hill Creek Farm!









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