Stay Warm!

The polar air has us finding excuses to work indoors.  Vir (top) and Galen (bottom) decided that snoozing in a warm spot until the weather changes is the best course of action!


Vir’s full name is Vir Catto, after Vir Cotto, a character in the Babylon-5 fictional universe.   His mother was a Philadelphia stray taken in by a friend. When the kittens came, we had an opening for another cat, so added Vir to the family.  His mother was a tiny thing, but due to the wonders of pre-natal nutrition, both Vir and his brother are very large cats!

Galen is named after the Greek physician and after a Technomage in the Babylon-5 universe.  He helped heal our hearts after our elder kitty, Lindsey Valen, died at 17 years old.   He was found in Bechtelsville, PA at about 4 weeks old with an upper respiratory infection and nursed back to health by the rescue society, Cat NAPS of Pottstown.  If you live in the area and are looking for a kitty companion or two, we highly recommend Cat NAPS.

Meanwhile, stay warm and be sure to snuggle with someone you love!


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