Snowball Turnip Photos

Today, I took the measurements on the Snowball turnips for the Seed Savers Exchange M-GEN turnip trial.

I have grown Snowball turnips before and liked them.  For the trial, I noticed that they have very high quality greens, besides having a sweet, round root.  Several heirloom seed companies offer the seed so if you want to try the variety, it’s not difficult to find.

I cooked the greens and will be freezing them to make this dip for Christmas.  It’s a family tradition to try out new recipes at Christmas — my brother used to save recipes from The Food Network and then make them all for Christmas when he had time to cook.  He would make anything that struck his fancy — I tend to cook based on what I’ve grown in the past year.

Here are the famous white roots of Snowball turnips:


Here are the greens before I cooked them:


Here are the whole turnips out of the ground:


If you want to grow turnips, I recommend this variety!







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