Black Walnut Cookies and Recipe

The whole reason we’re experimenting with black walnuts this year is that Tina had the following hand-written recipe for “Grandmother’s Ice Box Cookies” that she always wanted to try, but every time she looked at a bag of black walnut pieces in the store, she got sticker shock and didn’t make the cookies.
Here is the front of the recipe card.  We aren’t sure who “Grandmother” is as this card is old (probably from the 1950s with the mention of Crisco) and the recipes have been handed back and forth between Tina’s family for many years, but the family has felt the recipes were worth making and saving, even though they aren’t sure who developed them.

black%20walnut%20cookie%20recipe%20page%201[1].jpgHere is the back of the card:


And here are the finished cookies!  Tina says they are worth all the work to process the black walnuts, but we’ll see next Tuesday when we take another “crack” at it!









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