Tom and Chris Henry Finish the Block Building

The Block Building is finished!  There will be a final inspection this week from the township, but we all expect that it will go well.
Pictured in front of the loft steps are Tom Henry and his son, Chris.  They have fixed Hill Creek Farm’s cart shed, barn and now Block Building.  Hopefully, the budget will allow us to hire them in the Spring to create a greenhouse in the barn’s former milking parlor
(If you’d like a reference for the Henrys, just drop me a line or page through the Building Category of this blog for examples of their work)




Frank Mends the Smokehouse

Frank finds doing masonery work relaxing and with several old stone walls and buildings around the farm, there is plenty for him to do.
We’re using the smokehouse as a shed and backdrop for flowers for our pollinators and roadside stand.  It gets plenty of sun for the flowers and is in a handy spot to store tools for quick work around the house and Herb Garden.  However, it had some serious cracks in the stone walls, so we gave away this year’s zinnias and Frank prepared to work his masonery magic before Winter made the cracks larger and more damaging.
Here he is cleaning the walls to remove dirt, debris and loose mortar.


Here, Frank is chipping out the loose mortar with a cold chisel and 2 pound sledgehammer.


Here, Frank has mixed the concrete and is repairing the wall.


The wall is mended and ready to plant zinnias for next year’s roadside stand!