First Asparagus Coming Up!

Luke and I walked the asparagus field and this is what we found:


It’s a Purple Passion Asparagus.  Although it will turn green when cooked, it’s purple when it grows in the field.  We grow this variety because it has 20% more sugars than the green asparagus varieties and less lignin, so it tastes sweeter and doesn’t get woody and tough.  We also grow Jersey Knight, one of the best-tasting of the green asparagus varities, but it hasn’t made an appearance yet.

Meanwhile, the rhubarb continues to grow.  We weeded it today and laid the foundation for a “pollinator patch” at the corner of our property where the rhubarb row ends and our neighhbor’s property begins.  It’s right by the road, so walkers, as well as pollinators, should be able to enjoy the perennial flowers we’ll plant there.

Tried to get a photo of Luke with the asparagus, but only got Luke.  Since I haven’t shared a photo of him lately, here he is:


Enjoy this lovely Spring weather! If you’re interested in either the Purple Passion or Jersey Knight asparagus, do let me know.  We should have plenty, soon!







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