Seedlings Transplanted to Next Larger Pots

It poured this morning, but I was expecting that so I had already set the day aside for working with seedlings.
We don’t yet have a greenhouse, so my potting area is in the basement and the seedlings are placed under lights in what used to be the Guest Room.  On a RePotting Day like today, that means going up and down three flights of steps.  Farm work is exercise even on rainy days!
Here is the view of my potting bench:


These seedlings are Rei Umberto (or King Humbert) tomatoes.  I’ve grown them before and they are an excellent tomato for making old time South Philadelphia tomato “gravy” or to put in the dehydrator for a lovely looking (and tasting!) dried tomato.

We’re growing for this variety for seed, but there should be plenty in season to buy in bulk for making your own sauce.  We’re in talks with a local processor to make tomato sauce and maybe even ketchup from these tomatoes after we’ve removed the seeds (and using our Jaune du Poitou Leek instead of onions!) for really superior tasting tomato products.  Savoring the idea of these tomatoes simmered with the leeks inspires me to keep going up and down the stairs with trays full of seedlings (Yes, when fully hydrated, as all transplanted seedlings should be, those trays are HEAVY!)

Tomorrow, the asparagus harvest starts!





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